The Worship Experience

We welcome you to worship with us at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. Worshipping here means: Connecting with God and connecting with each other. We strive to discover together a lifestyle of worship that flows out into our community. We hope you’ll want to become and part of that exciting adventure. WELCOME!

Some tips on worship at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church:

If you are new to church or a first time visitor sometimes church can be a little intimidating. Here at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church we understand that. So here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable.

  • There is no “right” or “wrong” way to worship. Feel free to participate only in what you feel comfortable with.
  • The whole service is in this bulletin, if you simply follow along you’ll do fine.
  • Offerings are given as an act of worship. Guests and visitors are in no way expected to give but giving is always welcomed.
  • Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday morning. We welcome to the Lord’s Table all who desire to receive God’s gift of forgiveness and the powerful freedom of a new life in Christ.
  • Dress however you are comfortable: From jeans and sneakers to suit and tie, it’s your choice.
  • Enjoy! You’ll figure out the rest as we go along. Let God speak to you through the music, the words, and those around you. And finally, it takes most people more than once to feel comfortable at worship, so plan on coming back at least several times. If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s some more helpful information:

  • PARKING. Maple Leaf has a huge parking lot directly across the street from our building. Parking on Sunday mornings is always plentiful and free. There is also some street parking. 
  • RESTROOMS. Men’s and women’s restrooms are located in the basement of the sanctuary just before you enter our Community Hall. There is also a handicap accessible restroom on the main floor right off the sanctuary, as well as a unisex bathroom located in our hygiene center off the Community Hall. 
  • ACCESSIBLE ENTRANCE. The sanctuary’s front entrance is accessible via stairs. A ramped, wheelchair accessible entrance is available on the east side of the building for the sanctuary and the south side of the building for the Community Hall. 
  • NURSERY. At this time our nursery is not staffed, however it is open and available for kids to use with parents present. The nursery is located just off the sanctuary in the office area of the church building. The nursery is for children under the age of five, however please know that all infants and children are also welcome in the worship service. 
  • COFFEE HOUR. After worship every Sunday we gather for coffee, refreshments and fellowship in the Community Hall in our basement. Please join us.