This Week in the Community: Kaffeeklatsch, Partners and CARE

As the holiday season here at Maple Leaf came to a conclusion, Kaffeeklatsch, located in Lake City, called and offered extra ‘cheer’ to the shelter. These extra cookie and treats basket match other efforts by local ‘CARE’ partners this past season.

MC2’s many years of working with and being in the community provide visibility and continuity of CARE for those in need. Environment (MCGO), emergency shelter (SHARE), after school language learning (@OHE) and family support (LCHP) are a joint effort by the people of Maple Leaf and the community. 

The SHARE shelter also had this seasons holiday meals provided by our LCHP partner, Shelter Lounge restaurant in Greenlake. These partners highlight our place, our community and our goal of supporting, educating and engaging. Partners in CARE.
Happy New Year.