GiveBIG 2020 is May 6th!

Meadowbrook Community CARE is helping our neighborhood right now and beyond. They are supporting 14 people experiencing homelessness by supporting their shelter-in-place housing at Maple Leaf Lutheran Church. New food/meal sign-up dates here:

They run an after school program at Olympic Hills Elementary School that helps English Language Learners who are at great risk of falling behind in online learning. They provide fresh produce to North Helpline from our Meadowbrook Community Garden and Orchard. They also run the annual Lake City Holiday Project to help families provide holiday gifts for their children right here in NE Seattle.

Please consider donating to help them reach our GiveBIG goal of $7,000 to take full advantage of matching funds from MC2 board members. They’ll get 2:1 matching funds on the first $3,000 they raise through GiveBIG, and 1:1 matching on the next $4,000! Let’s turn $7,000 into $17,000!

Follow this link :

Thank you so much for helping Meadowbrook Community CARE help NE Seattle during Covid-19 and beyond.