Second Round of Care: Can You Help?

As we wrap up this experience of social distancing, it’s good to know that residents of the SHARE Shelter at Maple Leaf Lutheran/ Meadowbrook have stayed safe and ‘zero’ outbreaks of Covid 19. Matter of fact, all church-based SHARE shelters have avoided any break-outs of the virus.

Good news! It’s also been rewarding to know that the community has stepped up to add nourishing meals to the list of needs for residents in transition. We’ve extended the opportunity to any who can join our effort to support those most in need.

We are posting the link here to give those with resources to support our neighbors. It should be noted that residents at Maple Leaf have stayed active in and around the community with their own volunteer time to help out with gardening or other tasks that come up at the church site. Thanks SHARE!

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