Maple Leaf Quilters

Reaching out to you and the world: Our quilters group meets pretty much every Monday morning from 9am to Noon in the Community hall of the church. We are a diverse group including all ages and genders. Anyone is welcome to come and help us make quilts. If you don’t know how – come anyway and we’ll teach you!

Twice a year we take all the quilts we make, bless them and the makers, and then send them off to Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

An LWR quilt is special! It brings warmth on a cold night, shelter from the sun on a hot day. It becomes a bed, a room divider, a backpack to carry belongings, and at times even a home.

Quilts distributed by LWR to refugees and other people in need were first made by recycling old but good clothes, blankets, and other items. Most LWR quilts are still made this way, although fabric samples, remnants, or other new pieces of fabric are also used. Each quilt is one of a kind, with a beauty all its own, made as a gift of hope by caring people.